August 26, 2008

A little Quite with busy Parents

It's one of those times during the year that most parents are eyebrow deep getting ready for a transition back to school and routine. The Back-to-School count down is on, or in some cases over depending on where you live.

This is one time of the year it is very common for parents to have little time for chit-chat or posting on forums. August, and Late December through February are generally very slow time when it comes to the Adoptive Parents Network forums.

Which is part of who we are and what this place is all about! The members here are parents first and live comes before playing on the Internet. Some of our newer members waiting for the process to end with their post saying they have become parents may not be aware of how their lives will soon change when they add a baby or child to their families.

This time of the year is a drain and there is so much to do when there is a child in the home--especially, it that child is school aged. Between all the efforts to squeeze every last bit of fun out of the summer routine and getting ready for school most of the mom's I know are running around in a spending spree of panic with an underlying spark of joy and glee!

It may be all quiet here but, rest assured once our children ride the bus to school, and their teachers get to know them--the Adoptive Parents Network Forum will be a flurry of posts about everything from IEP issues, behaviors, and funny stories about lost or stolen lunch money!

Right now most parents of a school aged child are simply operating on "cruise control" enduring the annual ritual of transition back to Mom has time to Dust and Mop as well as post on the Adoptive Parents Network Forum about the things found hidden under the sheets in the hall linen closet...

Here's to everyone waiting for the sound of the school bus breaks! Can't want to see you when the dust and first of the year papers are settled...

....where was that coupon for the free manicure with the 30 minute neck massage?

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