A Parents Network, requests and accepts submissions of short stories, essays, poetry, advice, articles, photography, and blog reviews at any time during the year. Online publication with links to websites and other related information are welcome and likely to find a place for publication.

Compensation will be published credits and links. There is no other compensation for online publication at this time.

APN, will consider Online Publication for submissions that meet with the general Mission of APN, and are not duplicates, or unrelated to the topics of the website.

For Information about Specific submissions please check back here often. This page will be updated with all Calls for Submissions and information about adding Your Voice and Your Story to A Parents Network.

  • Request #1-- APN would like you to share your personal blog about Parenting a Special Needs child. We are most interested in Emotional, Behavioral, Social, and Mental health related Special Needs. Please submit a brief biography and Links to the main page of your blog. APN hopes to Network the Parenting Blogs. Please read Blog Submissions for more Information.

Please JOIN this site with Google and feel free to Message Me on my Facebook Page for information about becoming involved with A Parents Network.

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