January 4, 2009

APN Education Center

Adoptive Parents Network is building the new website in order to help provide information, resources and support for Parents. The goal is to provide easy access to information articles, related resources and visitor and member discussion forums.

As the new information and sections are built visitors and members should start to notice things are easier to find! We are currently working on building the APN Education Center.

The APN Education Center will eventually connect all of the information, resources and supports offered through the Adoptive Parents Network website--in central locations.

We are excited about the development of the new website and believe our visitors and members will be too! Keep looking for new things on the Adoptive Parents Network and be sure to Contact Us or Comment with your suggestions and feedback.

January 3, 2009

At Least it should be Interesting!?

Do you know how it feels when you move into a new home and start unpacking? It seems there is an endless number of boxes to unpack, and decissions to make about where everything goes. And, there always seems to be a few things that need to be moved around more then once or twice.

Well, it's just about the same when moving to a new Website layout!

If you have been visiting theAdoptive Parents Network! Website you may notice things are being unpacked and moved around! We hope that as everything finds it's place and our visitors are at least finding it interesting...

During this early stage it seems our move requires us to take care of some basic structure and set up. If we were a big company we would let everyone know that the site would go offline a few hours... We would do the work fast and all at once and come back up ready to go.

The truth is Adoptive Parents Network isn't a big company. Instead this website is created by adoptive, foster and special needs parents. Some of us have years before our children are grown and time is relative! We work hard between packing lunches, doing laundry and driving to therapy appointments. Family First is an important value we hold for ourselves and hope our visitors and members share and support.

During the past round of work we have stared building some of the sections and connecting things together. We are excited that kids and spouses will return to their normal routins Monday Morning and ready to roll!

If you have any suggestions or feedback please feel free to Contact us or leave comments here on this blog. And be sure to keep checking out the progress and new features and forum on Adoptive Parents Network!