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About the Author: Anna Glendenning.

A Parent's Network is the culmination of a lifetime of hands on parenting experience and ongoing education for Anna Glendenning. As a parent of two biological children Anna's parenting started in 1983 at the age of 20 with her second baby coming the next year. In 2003, Anna became the adoptive mother of two special needs siblings from the Oregon Foster Care system. Read more about Anna Glendenning. Read Anna's Adoptive Parent Blog Here.

Original APN

APN, was originally used as a Support Group and website called "Adoptive Parents Network". Anna had become involved with her local DHS sponsored Adoptive Parents Support group and was a co-leader of her county group. Several parents in the group moved the support network to an Online forum. Adoptive Parents Network focused on supporting families who had adopted special needs children. Many families were involved with membership of over 1.500 with over 400 active forum members. It served as a way for several families with the extreme cases to connect and support each other. When technology changed and social networking became the standard Adoptive Parents Network was closed. During this time Anna was also a paid blogger for the website, Families.com and wrote many blogs about Adoption and Special Needs Parenting. Read the Families.com Adoption Blog

APN A New Era

The short story, in case you are not inclined to read the whole long ordeal, is that at the age of 50, with two minor children to finish raising, Anna is ready to finish her college degree's and attempt to make some difference. The education part is more than half complete and the rest is in the process. It is sad that in so many ways a person is required to pay the dues and tuition and student loans to back up real lifetime experience but that is the way it is. In order to effect real change and be a legitimate contributor of change that college degree is required. Anna will be completing her Bachelors of Science in Psychology and her Bachelors of Art in Social Work over the next two years at Portland State University. Her primary goal is to help work with the system and focus on Parent Support for families with Special Needs Children.

Learn more about the Mission of A Parent's Network here.

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