February 19, 2013

Blog Submissions

 I started my personal blog--about becoming an Adoptive Mother, over 10 years ago. It begins with the day I first met my nearly 1 year old baby for the first time. The oldest entries are raw and unorganized. I am sure there are dead links and long gone references...

I have suffered some judgement for sharing some of the story that has taken place. That is part of the nature of the journey I face as a mother of special children. Thick skin is required.

My reasons, for sharing my story have never been to exploit the situation--my reasons have been 100% an effort to find whatever my children need in order to do and be the best they are able. I began sharing my experiences Online, only because I was frustrated with the public school education system my child was not eligible to receive services from... Because, nothing really exists that would work best for my child. Fetal Alcohol Exposure and Reactive Attachment Disorder are NOT special needs identified as an educational special needs. My children, and untold numbers of other children, are therefore Identified by other labels.

Instead of the truth, and the real special needs my children, and all the other children suffering from the same issues, are being recognized in paperwork that reports our children have ADHD or Autism Spectrum something or another. Those needs are identified--treated and served. So lest just call an Apple an Orange instead.

When I went online to research what I could do as a mother of an extremely emotionally disturbed child with FASD who had been molested--and lived her first 4 years in a shopping cart, or on the sofa of anyone who would take her in....then was sent to two different Foster Homes, with her baby brother.... And the second foster family wanted to adopt Only Him... but, then one day--you meet your Forever Mom and Dad and turn 5 a few weeks later... And, No one really Understands.

There is no productive way to treat the Real issues my child has when everyone wants to label it as something it is not. The effort it has required and the extents that I have needed to take as a parent Are Important for Society to recognize and understand. So, I share a bit more than I should and that is how it is.

If you have a Blog about parenting a special needs child either a biological child or an adopted or foster child. If you are the parent of a child with emotional, behavioral, mental health, or physical disabilities and would like to become involved in an effort to help see some changes Please Join this Blog, Comment and Leave your Blog Link here.

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