APN Mission

A Parent's Network 

The Mission of A Parent's Network is to provide support, information and networking for parents of Special Needs Children of all kinds but primarily those related to related to Mental Health, Behavioral, and Emotional  issues. 

In order to effect a change in the system that treats and educates our children Parent's need to become empowered and able. After 30 years of parenting, and 10 of those years of parenting Special Needs children, I have worked with two different states, 4 different school districts and every level of public mental health services, private mental health services, and the education system for qualified services. In all of this the missing link has been quality support and services for the Actual Parent's of the children. 

In light of the many recent tragedies involving young people with mental health issues, this topic is of growing concern in the United States. It is time for Parent's to work together and help the system change in ways that may make an actual difference. 

The Mission of A Parent's Network is to bring parents together and network for better understanding and support of the most important person in a child's life, the Parents and especially those parents of Special Needs Children. As this nation struggles with how to manage mental health and education issues for Special Needs children We the Parent's need to provide a voice and network together for the changes that might make the greatest difference.

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