August 24, 2008

APN Resource Network: Link Share

As a part of Adoptive Parents Network's new Resource section visitors and members are invited to add links to any valuable website under ten different categories.

The APN Resource Network Link Share is designed to offer visitors or members a quick and easy way to Add a Link to our Network Resource Link Share.


If you have discovered our found a useful resource website please feel free to add it to the APN Resource Network Link Share. At this time we have the following categories to choose from:

  • Adoption Information (general) Add or read links to websites that offer general information and support about adoption, statistics, organizations and other websites that visitors and members of the Adoptive Parents Network might find useful.

  • Domestic Adoption This is the perfect category for visitors and members to share information about websites those interested in adopting privately may find helpful. Including, newborn private adoption, and Step Parent Adoption.

  • Foster Adoption Add or find those important website links for all those different places Foster parents, Foster to Adopt parents and pre Adoptive Parent placements for children in foster care may ever want or need.

  • International Adoption Laws, rules and issues are always changing. Be sure to add any links about the issues International Adoptive parents and families may need to know about.

  • Parenting Do you know a great parenting site, or a website that offers parents tools, services or tips that might help them in problem areas, or in general? Then please share it here with all of the visitors of the Adoptive Parents Network... Our First goal is to be the best parents we can be so Share your Secrets websites here!

  • Support Groups & Training Do you know of any great support group websites, or websites published by support groups? How about Post Adoption Services and any announcement sites? Share it with Adoptive Parents Network here on our Resource Network and also in our Forums where there are boards for each State and nearly any specific issue that may be related! The more we share it here the more people in the specific locations may have the opportunity to know about the various efforts available to help support each other in Real Life!

  • Education This is not just and adoptive parents issue but, it is also one of the greatest issues many parents face. The education Resource Links are set aside for any informative, supportive or helpful website parents and adoptive parents might need as we deal with the educational issues of today!

  • Mental Health and all the services we find and don't find! This is another area where the more information we can share the better informed another parent may be if they should face the same kinds of issues. Today, we see an ever increasing need for Child Mental Health services and a complete failure for their to be a safety net in place for some children with the greatest needs. Please share what you find with all of us about Mental Health in this category of the APN Resource Network.

  • Special Needs Whatever the need might be, if you have found a website with information or support for special needs parents then we hope you will consider sharing that link with everyone here.

  • Advocate Adoptive Parents Network not only hopes to connect parents with each other, but to also unit parents in the identification of issues and efforts to Advocate for reform and change. We believe that as a larger more organized voice we might find some ways to help solve a few problems or at least help see changes in things that are not working.

If you don't have anything to add to the APN Resource Network Link Share, it's no big deal please just remember it and check it out next time you are looking for something!

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